Peace Action of Michigan
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     Our History


Started as Citizens for a SANE Nuclear Policy in 1957, SANE and later SANE/FREEZE has played a critical role in reducing the nuclear threat and changing our foreign policy. More>

Campaign for a New American Foreign Policy


Peace builders are diverse

 Peace builders are diverse


     Our Mission

Mission Statement
Peace Action of Michigan, a state affiliate of Peace Action, is a democratic grassroots organization that informs, motivates and organizes people to achieve a new foreign policy. This policy is based on the abolition of all weapons of mass destruction, and on the primacy of non-violence, human rights, socially just international law, and respectful participation with international institutions as the basis of that policy.

• Peace through Non-violence
• Understanding and Compassion
• Commitment and Persistence
• Justice
• Community
We share a vision of world peace: where the menace of nuclear weapons has forever been erased from our planet, where war has been abolished as a method of solving conflicts, where all human beings are assumed the wherewithal to live in health and dignity, where no one is denied the opportunity to participate in make decisions that affect the common good.

In this world, the belief that “national security” is synonymous with military might gives way to recognition of the need for a broader concept of common security, in which the safety of each individual, society and the world as a whole is considered the mutual responsibility of all. We recognize that our global security is threatened by the misuse of resources by the military, and by the destruction of the environment. We are committed to reversing this view. This involves using non-violent means of resolving international conflicts. We also work together to protect the ecosphere on which we all depend.

In this world, we all share responsibility for the common good. Whether in our community work, our national work, or our international work, we are all called to serve as guardians of peace, justice and the environment. Indeed, it is through this common guardianship that lasting peace is ultimately attained.

Primary Goals
• Mobilize members and other citizens to take action on critical issues of peace with justice, to persuade policy makers and citizens:
1. Stopping Iraq / Mid-East wars;
2. Eliminating nuclear weapons/WMD;
3. Restructuring Federal budget priorities.
• Expand membership quantity and diversity (in all aspects including geographic) and develop members’ abilities and involvement in PA MI.
• Organize & mobilize members and citizens through comprehensive communications in multiple media that focus on PA MI’s mission.

     Join Us

Our greatest strength lies in our members and the hard work of our volunteers. Every individual member represents a larger population that wants to see a substantial change in our foreign policy. Informed constituents willing to invest in this work sends a powerful message that our elected officials can not ignore! In addition, our capabilities as a growing organization solely depend upon the amount of funding we have available. During this critical time in our history, it is essential that we stand up for our values, and demand a change. Please join Michigan Peace Action today, and help us shape a better future!

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Father-daughter peace builders

   Father-daughter peace       builders