Peace Action of Michigan
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Plan of Action
Perspective & Goal Objective Method Target Sponsor
Organization Increase opportunities for member participation Recruit more members by developing and deploying internet technology (e.g., DIA website)
15% increase each year over prior year's paid member base
Ad-hoc Tech working group
Action Nurture relationships with allied progressive groups
Talk with other groups about their agenda and ours
Meet with Detroit branch of NAACP, UAW, other peace groups
Board members
Action Nurture media relationships through
Contacts with local media figures (such as Rochelle Riley)
At least 2 local media, and contact expert at dealing with opposing media
Action Increase visibility of Hiroshima & Nagasaki actions

By increasing participation to
Attendance of 130 at August event in SE Michigan.
Ad-hoc action groups
Action Increase opportunities for member participation

By increasing attendance at Peacebuilder, annual holiday celebration, and adding…
At least 1 new event for members, such as film, forum, or concert.
Organization Change congressional votes on key issues through…
Educating members by writing…
4 motivational articles per year in newsletter & website
Communication Comm.
Action Work with elected Reps on PA MI issues
Contacts with Peters, Levin, Conyers, Clarke and other Reps, Senators, & President by members
Monthly communication from officers to elected officials; Regular 1-on-1 contacts from Board members
Officers and Board
Organization Get Peace Action on campuses
By working with existing student organizations
Hold one assembly or mass meeting on a campus
Organization Initiate Speakers Bureau to get the word out
Outline speakers' needs and identify trainer to meet those needs
Get 2 speakers trained in 2011
Increase available funds for new activities
Increased Revenue from all sources, including online fundraising
15% increase in revenue over prior year
Finance Comm.


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Our greatest strength lies in our members and the hard work of our volunteers. Every individual member represents a larger population that wants to see a substantial change in our foreign policy. Informed constituents willing to invest in this work sends a powerful message that our elected officials can not ignore! In addition, our capabilities as a growing organization solely depend upon the amount of funding we have available. During this critical time in our history, it is essential that we stand up for our values, and demand a change. Please join Michigan Peace Action today, and help us shape a better future!

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Raging Grannies in Ferndale

 Raging Grannies in Ferndale