How to Make Peace in Ukraine

How about writing a Letter to the Editor based on these ideas?

The United States can be more proactive in forging peace in Ukraine. President Biden can rule out deploying U.S. troops in Ukraine and escalations like “no fly zones.” He can say he will end NATO expansion and promote talking with President Putin to create a new common security agreement in Europe.

The U.S. can signal lifting sanctions on Russia when Russia keeps a ceasefire. The U.S. can also explore with President Zelensky recognizing areas of the Donbas as independent republics or semi-autonomous areas of Ukraine. It is probably time for the U.S. to recognize Crimea as belonging to Russia.

Most importantly, the U.S. and Ukraine should commit to serious negotiations on all the issues with Russia. After all, most wars end in some kind of an agreement. And President Biden and Congressional leaders can talk about a Marshall Plan for Ukraine. Plus, why not also invest in developing Yemen?

It is time for Congress to adopt a tax on the excessive profits of the weapons’ makers and oil giants.